Article on Foucault and the current refugee crisis

This is an article by academic Stephane J Bale in which she discusses Foucault’s ideas about biopolitics and how his ideas about an excessive pre-occuptation with the health of the population might explain current European responses to the refugee crisis. One small quibble; the author mentions that Germany is an exception to a trend of putting up barriers against refugees. It is a huge exception and it would be interesting to discuss this.

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The attack on masculine values

This is an unusually insightful piece. The theme is the attack on masculinity in the West.

The author links this to the weak response to sex crimes by immigrants. Given that masculine virtues are effectively outlawed in the the West – the West is struggling to find a response.

Incidentally – the problem of visitors from other cultures losing their heads when presented with the sight of modern European women – who are used to striding about confidently in public not wearing a veil, did not start with Cologne. For example; there was the fiasco of soldiers from Libya being trained in the UK who had to be sent home after a number of sex crimes were committed.

I’m not 100% sure about linking the theme of the attack on masculine values to the soft and ‘inclusive’ response to the refugees. Some of that ‘softness’ may be genuine compassion. So; I’m really linking to this piece because of its analysis of the lack of masculine values in the West, rather than the arguments about immigration. That said; there does appear to be a certain naivety around what is likely to happen when young men from traditional and sexist (by Western standards) cultures meet with loose Western values.