RT not impartial enough

OFCOM, the body which regulates the media in the UK, has ruled that RT’s News channel is in breach of its license.

The ruling is contradictory. In one breath OFCOM says:

Ofcom emphasises that there is no requirement on broadcasters to provide an alternative viewpoint on all news stories or issues in the news, or to do so in all individual news items or programmes

and then

In particular, when reporting on matters of major political or industrial controversy and major matters relating to current public policy in news programmes, broadcasters must ensure that they reflect an appropriately wide range of significant views and give those views due weight.

One suspects that that this blatant contradiction, which occurs within a few sentences of each other, indicates that Ofcom’s role is to see that power, the status quo and stability are maintained.

The report found fault with RT’s reports on Ukraine and found that they:

did not adequately reflect the viewpoint of the interim Ukrainian Government

This is amazing. The “interim government” was the phrase the Western corporate media used to gloss the new regime in Kiev which came to power after very violent street protests toppled the elected Presidency. This just shows that Ofcom, the Western Corporate media and Western governments all sing from the same hymn sheet. If a TV station must give airtime to coup organisers where does it end? Should a TV station be fined for not giving airtime to ISIS when reporting on Iraq?

It is the nature of criticism to be “one-sided”. The point about the “impartiality” rule is to ensure that critical voices can only be reported muted, muffled