My Buy to Let landlords

The property was a miniscule one-bedroomed ‘house’ on a development at the edge of town. 

Let’s call him Mr Get Rich-quick. He told me, as he showed me round, (it didn’t take long), that he worked for a couple of Pakis in the pharmaceutical business. He didn’t like them because they were overpricing drugs which they were selling to the NHS. By this he established his patriotic credentials. I think the idea was that he was on my side, a fellow Brit; not an exploitative landlord. He had principles; he didn’t like the NHS being ripped off. However, he overdid it and, crudely, invented what he presumably thought would be a mutual enemy – Pakis. In trying to sound patriotic he ended up being racist. Perhaps better not to be a buy-to-let landlord in the first place and then the problem wouldn’t arise. Continue reading “My Buy to Let landlords”

Groin Relics

I started work at this medium-sized company in the Autumn. They make sheds. That is sheds with light-fittings and electric wiring. Marketed as an extra living space for your garden the uses seem endless; a Yoga studio, a home-office, a childrens’ room. Prices seem to start from around £10,000 and go up to £20,000.00 or more. It crossed my mind that you could just buy a shed, fit some lighting, put up some insulation and pop in a heater by yourself. But I am of course thinking of utility not what the shed will do for the value of my property.  Continue reading “Groin Relics”