The concept of ‘truth’ for the Empire is not your concept of truth

The pattern is familiar and well-established.

A group of organisation who is ‘on our side’ (the US/West) produces some ‘evidence’ that paints whomever the State Department is opposed to / has designated as being next in line for the chop, as evil beyond compare. The ‘evidence’ is accepted without question by the State Department. The claim is then reinforced by references to classified material – which is never produced. The claim is repeated ad nauseum by the ‘free’ press in the West with virtually no questioning. Even when the official source qualifies the claims-making with a phrase such as ‘high degree of confidence’ the press soon forgets the qualification and just broadcasts it as truth. Continue reading “The concept of ‘truth’ for the Empire is not your concept of truth”

Who shot down the Malaysian plane (3)?

This is President Obama as reported by the Washington Post:

Although U.S. officials on Friday stopped short of assigning direct blame for the shooting of the jet, President Obama said “evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile” that was launched from rebel-held territory in Ukraine. He said the separatists lacked the ability to shoot down large planes “without sophisticated equipment and sophisticated training, and that is coming from Russia.” (Washington Post)

His Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power,