It is true because someone in power said it. (Someone in my tribe)

It is a characteristic of the Western media that they report anything which London or Washington or Paris comes up with as the gospel truth. Is is true because it was said by a government spokesmen. This is the extent of truth-testing most ‘journalists’ engage in.

At the same time briefings by the Kremlin or the Russian Ministry of Defense, for example, are treated with the utmost caution. An example of the latter; the

Free press in the West (15)

The “free press” in the West has numerous tactics to spin their narratives along. One might be called editorial inserts. Here a story is wrapped up in a coating added at editorial level. The claims are never established by facts and analysis. They just appear. A typical example is how many stories about Russia are now glossed with the line about “an increasingly aggressive Russia”. This apparent fact has never been established in a journalistic sense. For example; a serious discussion of the root causes of the recent conflicts in South Ossetia and Ukraine. The narrative line just appears and is taken for granted. In fact its source is not political and historical analysis but the narratives put out by corporate politicians to gloss their latest imperialist manoeuvres.

This is an example. The