The danger of a one-party state

David Miliband (brother of the last Labour leader Ed Miliband) has warned the Labour party against electing leftist Jeremy Corbyn as leader. He has said:

Get it wrong, and Britain could become a multiparty democracy with only one party – the Conservative party – that can win parliamentary majorities. A one-governing-party state [1]

The thing is that is just what Britain has become over the last few years. The Foreign Policy of the Labour party is the same as that of the Conservative party (yes to US led regime change operations). The two parties both agree on privatisation of anything that moves. Their education policies are inter-changeable. As are their attitudes to the NHS (an endless sink of public money and enrichment for pharmaceutical companies which nonetheless is used to pretend that there is a social welfare policy of some kind). They both use the same doctrines of family dysfunction to explain poverty and disadvantage and eschew any kind of economic plan to lift people our of poverty. Both parties run the same kind of campaigns against people who are out of work. (The “tightening up” of the rules on claiming benefits has continued

Isolating Russia

Both the UK and the US are making some publicity out of Russia having passed a law which enables them to ban foreign NGOs if they deem that they are a threat to the security of the Russian state.

The US and UK are saying that this will “harm civic society” in Russia. [1]

We can assume that this is for public consumption. The US uses NGOs as part of a strategy to alter public opinion in foreign countries in their favour. They spent USD 5 billion doing this in Ukraine. [2] The money is spent on NGOs which promote values which (loosely) align to “democracy” and “freedom” (that is values whose adoption will lead to the creation of an environment which is beneficial for Western business interests). [3] It was a very successful strategy. In the centre and West of Ukraine a lot of people now dream of joining the EU and NATO.

Nuland rants

Victoria Nuland, a senior State Department official responsible for US policy on Ukraine has been ranting before Congress about Russia’s involvment in Ukraine. The conflict is “manufactured” in the Kremlin which has sent “thousands and thousands” of personnel and tanks. [1]

So, of course, the US must now arm Kiev. Apparently there is almost total support for Nuland in Congress. (But the Western press will no doubt not describe them as “fawning” as they do when Russian law-makers rally around Putin).

This is the line that they have told themselves and thus believe: Russian aggression against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. As this web site has discussed in multiple recent posts