Stop counting and it will go away – UK gov’s new strategy on covid-19

The easiest way to alter perception of some kind of negative situation is simply not to count.

For example, in Iraq the US didn’t (officially) count the number of civilians who died at their checkpoints. [1] Thus they could hide the fact that they were murdering civilians.

The UK gov faced with rapidly rising numbers of infections of covid-19 – not least because they are alone in ignoring WHO advice for strict quarantine measures – are taking the simple expedient of not counting. People with mild symptoms should stay at home and not contact health services. They will not be tested: Continue reading “Stop counting and it will go away – UK gov’s new strategy on covid-19”

Government’s Covid-19 inaction criticized by experts

It looks like the MSM is beginning to give a little coverage to expert voices who are criticising the government’s approach to Coronavirus. As this site has noted in the last few days the UK government is ignoring WHO advice for robust containment measures and appears to be simply taking the view that the thing to do is to let the virus take its course and treat the most serious cases in hospital. Continue reading “Government’s Covid-19 inaction criticized by experts”

What is UK gov’s strategy for coronavirus?

As of today it is “wash your hands and sing Happy Birthday”.

I’m not making it up. This is it.

Ok. – On some website somewhere which no one looks at people from a limited list of worst-hit areas in the world are told to self-isolate at home on their return for 2 weeks. But, according to travellers arriving at Gatwick today from Italy, there are no checks – and no advice. Nothing; even the passport desks weren’t staffed. And no one, as far as I am aware, does anything to check up that anyone is obeying the self-isolation period. (Contrast with Russia where Moscow police are actively enforcing their regime of self-isolation). People from affected countries but outside peak areas can come in without even any requirement for self-isolating. Continue reading “What is UK gov’s strategy for coronavirus?”

More doubtful information from UK authorities on coronavirus?

We have already noted how Public Health England issued a statement in which they claimed that someone could only pass on the coronavirus (covid-19) if they were showing symptoms. This isn’t true and it was known not to be true at the time the statement was issued.

Recently, Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England has been putting out some projections about the mortality rate for this virus. Based on WHO and other data these projections seem overly optimistic. Continue reading “More doubtful information from UK authorities on coronavirus?”