I am a writer and photographer from the UK.

This is my political blog. My main interests are analysing mainstream Western media narratives, and a selection of contemporary social practices (psychotherapy, ADHD drugging and others). A particular interest at the moment is how relations with Russia are reported in the mainstream media.

Given that the media is used to “manufacture consent” it is not possible to discuss politics without discussing the media. The media sets the parameters and range of debate, allows and promotes some voices, marginalises others. (While there are differences between the “right-wing press” and the progressive press there is broad consensus on many questions e.g. Russian aggression). So; any discussion of political questions has to start with media analysis.

The main current project is to produce a series of reviews or summaries of major works of social criticism and international relations in the West, by authors such as Ivan Illich, Noam Chomsky, Michel Foucault, Josie Appleton, Lenin, Jeffrey Sachs, John Mearsheimer and others.


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