Sky News report on Wuhan lab leak theory

It is just a theory. But certainly not a far-out “conspiracy theory” as per the liberal media.

The ex-head of the CIA (Mike Pompeo) and the ex-head of MI6 (Richard Dearlove) and an ex-director of US National Intelligence (John Ratcliffe) seem to think that Covid came from the WIV. That alone should give pause for thought.

Richard Dearlove hints that MI6 current tried to silence him. This supports the idea that the power-base is actively and consciously trying to suppress the lab-leak theory. Certainly, as this site has shown, the liberal media is actively trying to suppress the theory, relentlessly calling it a “conspiracy theory”. In reality both lab leak and natural emergence are theories. The weight of the circumstantial evidence lies heavily on the lab side; there are numerous strange happenings which need to be explained. Just the removal of the WIV database on 12-9-19 is highly suspicious. There is no specific evidence for the natural emergence theory.

I still haven’t completely understood why the political (and intelligence if Dearlove is to be believed) and media foci of power in the West are so desperately trying to suppress rational and evidence-based discussion of this theory. Why would they be covering up this possibility?

Vaccine madness and the media in the UK

The UK government has authorised a campaign of “jabs” (the populist touch word for a vaccination) for young people aged 12-15. The programme will be ‘delivered’ in schools. Apparently young people can overrule their parent’s wishes and have a vaccination even if their parents are against it. (Same principal as a cult which empowers children over their parents).

One non-peer reviewed US study claims that giving Pfizer to this age group – which is the proposed UK vaccine – will lead, as far as boys are concerned to more hospitalisations than if they don’t. [1] Astra-Zeneca is also more dangerous to young people than the minimal risks for young people from Sars-Cov-2. [2]

Why is the UK government going down this route? One answer offered by England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty is that it is to ‘protect the mental health of children’. [3] Apparently the argument is that it will reduce infections which in turn – because of rules about students having to isolate – will reduce disruption to education. Currently contacts of students testing positive do not need to isolate so in fact the disruption would be minimal anyway. The argument appears to be that it is worth risking a teenage boy’s life to prevent him missing out on two weeks compulsory mass schooling.

There are two possible explanations for this criminality. 1) It is a sheer lie – they are looking for an excuse and these days ‘protecting mental health’ is a good catch-all excuse for extending any kind of surveillance and discipline system. 2) They really believe it. In which case it shows the extent of the delusional reification in these people’s minds. They really believe that compulsory mass schooling is something essential to life and that missing out on it is a real harm. This is the delusion propagated by those who are addicted to mass schooling. Of course most of humanity for most of history and even today a large part of humanity get through life quite happily without the benefits of mass compulsory schooling provided by the state.

In either case the need to market surplus vaccines at taxpayer expense is too good an opportunity to pass by one imagines. Also – one suspects that the real ‘medical’ reason is to protect unvaccinated adults from being infected by children. And perhaps to prevent a pool of transmission between young people in which vaccine-defeating variants could emerge. But this means a bridge has been crossed; children are to be ‘offered’ (by teachers, and overriding family rights) a potentially dangerous medical intervention in order to protect not them – but the adults around them. Rather than have the debate about whether this is ethically acceptable the approach has been to invent reasons why it is in children’s interests to be vaccinated. Damage to their mental health is one example. “Long-Covid in children” is another. People who are experienced in watching the mass media will have noticed how once the adult population had been vaccinated and they were ready to move on to children a series of ‘long-Covid in children’ scare stories were placed in the media. The aim was to soften people up for accepting child vaccination. (An analogy would be media scare stories about WMD which were used to soften people up for the murderous and illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. Another analogy would be the stories about women’s rights in Afghanistan which were used to justify the invasion of that country and are now being used to undermine the new rulers). This is how the media is used to manage popular opinion in our ‘democracy’. Far from facilitating reasoned and scientifically informed debate the media acts to manipulate public opinion. Rather than have a real debate about the ethics of vaccinating children to protect adults the solution has been to generate a (scientifically dubious if not fraudulent) narrative that this is about protecting children.

A small footnote; why does the liberal media allow state bureaucrats and ministers to endlessly repeat the not true statement “the vaccine is safe”. The various vaccines (not ‘the vaccine’) have different risk profiles and benefits. The risks are statistically speaking quite low but not negligible. Surely it is precisely this obvious lying which gives rise to the foolishness of ‘anti-vaxxers’. These people often have a very rudimentary grasp of the science – but they can tell when they are being given a straight lie. It is these lies, “the vaccine is safe”, which give rise to the folk response of the anti-vaxxers. Why don’t the authorities just tell the scientific truth: the vaccines in use in the UK have good efficacy (especially Pfizer) but (in varying degrees and for different groups) do carry a very small risk of serious side-effects? I think that people can process this. Why do the authorities compulsively lie on this point? I think the answer is probably that to achieve the greatest possible mass take-up of the vaccine the most effective approach is to tell this lie, to rely on the fact that most people will do what the authorities tell them to do without reasoning about it independently – especially if you can scare them about something. The folk kick-back from the anti-vaxxers is an acceptable price to pay. Again though – this is not a democracy of independent thinkers but a kind of unscientific quasi-fascist mass state controlled though the media.

Maybe ‘democracy’ and mass society don’t go together? Democracy, in the sense of individuals thinking matters through and then agreeing with others after debate (by consensus or by voting) on the best course of action is simply not something for the masses? A key question; is this because a) the mass of people can’t do this; society is always composed of a few strong trees – but most people are little saplings whose instinct is just to find the nearest strong tree to gather around, and don’t in fact want to think about anything or b) mass democracy is possible but has been subverted by the rich and powerful? An absolutely key question. All I can say at this point is that it is observable that in the ‘liberal democracies’ of the West there is a gap between the self-description of the society (“we are based on reason, science and democracy”) and the reality (quasi-fascism, non-science and mass-manipulation).



The horror, the horror

There has been a bombing attack at Kabul airport. News reports are that civilians have died. An Islamic State affliate operating in Iraq is thought to be the likely culprit though as of now no group has claimed responsibility for the carnage. (Update: Islamic State have claimed it on their Telegam channel apparently. Which leads me to wonder why they haven’t been kicked off Telegram)

Tom Tugendhat who is chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs is reported by the Independent as saying (on ‘Twitter’):

The attack on innocent people at Kabul airport simply trying to escape the horror of Taliban rule shows exactly who the group has brought with them. The pattern is well established – from Nigeria and Mali to Syria and Iraq whenever Islamist extremists take power, terror follows.

I wanted to comment on this because it points to a particular outlook – one which I would say is profoundly delusional. I suspect that even if this is an usually direct statement of the belief system the basic ideas here are those shared by at least part of the UK’s military and political ruling factions.

Islamic State has been active in Afghanistan for some years and have carried out dozens of terror attacks. For example here is a BBC report about an attack in August 2020. [1] These attacks took place while the UK was occupying Afghanistan. It cannot be said that the Taliban “brought this group with them”.

The Taliban are a local Afghan movement. I don’t know what evidence links them to Nigeria, Mail and Syria. The purport of these remarks is to try to use this attack on Kabul airport to heap opprobrium on the Taliban. But the reality is that the Taliban are an enemy of Islamic State who regard them as apostates. The actual story here would be that, amazingly enough, both the UK and the Taliban have a common enemy in Islamic State.

It is offensive and ignorant to dismiss the Taliban as “extremists” – as much of the Western media and political classes do. There are many different interpretations of Islam. The Taliban follow a particular branch (which also manifests in parts of India and Pakistan [2]). Of course – their treatment of women is not based on a notion of “equal rights”, they don’t belive in parliamentary democracy (which I imagine they might see as some kind of blasphemous attempt to replace the law stemming from God and the Koran), their judicial system metes out harsh punishments. Not Western values, certainly. But a coherent religious philosophy.

As for “terror follows”, like many Western elites, the author of these remarks seems to think that the tens of thousands of civilian deaths which followed from the US/UK invasion of Afganistan – including many which didn’t simply “follow from” but were directly caused by UK/US actions – are not terror but the hundreds caused by groups such as ISIS (an enemy of the Taliban again) are. That takes some doing. I don’t know – but the toddler who was blown up by this US Hellfire missile (for example) probably felt some terror. [3] These kinds of actions were related to a “relaxation of conditions” for airstrikes which, according to a US monitoring group “resulted in a massive increase in civilian casualties”. [4] In all 71,000 civilians died in Afghanistan. [4] The UN breaks down responsibility for civilian deaths in the first half of 2021 like this: Taliban 39%, Islamic State 9%, 16% other anti-government of undetermined elements, 25% by pro-government forces, remainder crossfire. [5] It is a very approximate extrapolation but if we combine the two sources and assume the proportions were approximately the same throughout the war we get approximately 18,000 civilian deaths caused directly by pro-government forces (the US and allies and their trained and supplied Afghan National army). “Following from” the illegal US/UK invasion of Iraq an absolute minimum tally of dead civilians as a result of violence is 180,000 (but we know for example from Wikileaks that the US tried to downplay civilian deaths they caused so this figure will be higher – no wonder the British government is letting Assange languish in a terrorist prison). [6] Thousands of these were killed directly by the US in direct fire. This was an illegal war which the UK joined on false pretences.

The fact is that death “follows from” UK military adventurism far more than it does from the Taliban.


I would concur with the analysis expressed by the head of National Security for Pakistan expressed in this interview in the Guardian. If the West does not engage with the Taliban and instead isolates them (sanctions, blocking aid programmes etc.) that is likely to lead to the very problems we claim to be concerned about.

Update 2

This is the US military confirming that the Taliban has cooperated with them to prevent terror attacks around the airport:

Gen McKenzie said that cooperation with the Taliban has probably thwarted other planned attacks on the airport:

“We share versions of our information with the Taliban, so that they can actually do some searching out there for us and we believe that some attacks have been thwarted by them,” the general said. “They don’t get the full range of information we have, but we give them enough to act in time and space to try to prevent these attacks.” [7]

This is a refutation it would seem of the view that the Taliban are somehow responsible for the Islamic State attack on the airport. On the contrary this appears to show that they have worked with the US and prevented other attacks.



Don’t believe Navalny

It is characteristic of Empires (and their intelligence agencies) to believe what they want to hear.

Defectors and people looking for foreign backing to stage a coup in their own country often understand this and play to it. The “45 minute” soundbite which was used to justify the 2003 Iraq invasion in the UK may have been provided by an emigreé taxi driver in Jordan. [1] Whatever the source – it was a meaningless piece of “information”. Did it relate to ballisitic missiles or battlefield munitions? It didn’t matter – it served the political purpose; which was to deceive the public that Iraq was a threat.

When Verica of the Atrebates tribe asked Rome to help him regain his throne from the Catuvellauni, thus providing them with the pretext for invasion, he probably told them what they wanted to hear about the state of Britain.

Navalny, who has apparently been complaining to the New York Times about having to watch hours of Russian state TV [2] has said:

Sooner or later, this mistake will be fixed, and Russia will move on to a democratic, European path of development – simply because that is what the people want [2]

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