Propaganda about Navalny

This is an article in the Guardian by Luke Harding about the Navalny poisoning. Harding appears to be someone who is used by MI5 to leak their ‘truths’ into the media – i.e. to run operations to control and manage public opinion. Harding appears to me to be a little bit mentally unbalanced – (he has a philosophy of ‘joining the dots’ when he reports on Russia which means that he leaps to the most outlandish conclusions because they ‘must’ be true – those who can’t see the conclusions are true are just not ‘joining the dots’) – and this use of him to carry stories for the intelligence services seems to me rather sad.

The main idea of the article is that British intelligence has concluded that Putin poisoned Navalny in order to “send him an unambiguous warning and force him into exile”. The reasoning is that he was under surveillance of the FSB when he fell ill and so the FSB must have done it.

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Shaun Walker in the Guardian – fiction about Russia

I’m quite sure that Shaun Walker is a nice guy. Perhaps he doesn’t really mean to tell lies about the political situation in Russia – but when you consistently sell a story as reportage and analysis which is based more or less verbatim on the strategic narrative created by one party to a political struggle – then, inadvertently or not, you are lying. In the main though Walker is probably more the victim of lazy self-deception than conscious lying. So perhaps we can most accurately call his work “fiction”.

This is Walker’s latest creation. It is about the “novichok attack” on Navalny. Let’s do our usual service of separating Walker’s fiction from fact.

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Unlikely tales about Novichok (2)

NovichokThe Guardian continues to promote the unlikely story that the Kremlin poisoned Navalny with Novichok. This is Shaun Walker’s latest creation.

Shaun Walker may well be a nice guy. But he is in the wrong profession. His ‘journalism’ always reads like an exercise for an MA in Creative Writing. (His recent piece on Belarus being another example).

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Propaganda Watch 200

This is part of my ongoing observations of routine propaganda about Russia in the Western media.

By propaganda I mean writing things which are either simply not true or which may be loosely connected with some truth) but is presented in such a way as to convey an impression which is itself not true. (By truth I mean saying things which correspond with how things are). In short, the Western media is telling its readers a load of fairy tales about Russia. There are several factors driving this. On factor is deliberate manipulation of  compliant journalists by MI6. (I strongly suspect that the Guardian’s Luke Harding who is clearly having some kind of problems is being manipulated by MI6).  Another I think is just lazy journalism by career journalists writing what their editors want to hear. Continue reading “Propaganda Watch 200”