State and Revolution. V. I. Lenin

This revolutionary pamphlet was written by Lenin in August and September 1917, that is between the two revolutions in Russia. (The February uprising which led to the abdication of the Tsar and the October coup led by the Bolsheviks against the provisional government).  Lenin is a theoretician of the Revolution. The book is both theoretical and a ‘manual for the revolution’ at the same time. Lenin draws on Engels and Marx and is at pains to explain that he is offering the “pure” and correct interpretation of Marxism; against various “vulgar” interpretations which are used to justify “opportunism”. Opportunism is Lenin’s word for those who believed in parliamentary road to socialism. In this there is a certain element of religious fanaticism; only we (the Bolsheviks) are the true carriers of the faith. Of course; for Lenin, Marxism was not a faith but a theory which was based on concrete analysis of historical events which had been carried out by Marx with “the accuracy of observation characterising the natural sciences”.

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Chomsky interviewed by RT

Chomsky interviewed by RT.

Professor Chomsky is particularly strong on how the US has a free and open society with the “trappings of democracy”. At the same time it is not a functioning democracy. Three examples of this:

i) Using public records it is possible to discover that the US ran a campaign of terrorist actions in the sixties against Cuba. And this was done, not to promote the “freedom” of the people of Cuba, but to fulfill the American political doctrine which insists that America must have dominance in the Western hemisphere. All this can be seen by scholars who have access to public records. The US is not the kind of