1984 + Covid-19

One tiny example; in Oxford someone, presumably the local authority, has put up signs on the street which direct people to walk in one direction only and say “Keep moving”.

However; in England (Wales may be different) there is no law that stipulates that people keep 2m distance. This is guidance.

So one could say of the local authority (presumably) who put up these signs in Oxford “Who do they think they are?”

In general during the epidemic there has been a substantial increase in the tendency of power and those who side with power to obscure differences between law and guidance. For those who wish to promote arbitrary and unlimited power this is a good trick. The epidemic has given them the opportunity to ramp up the activity. 90% of the media plays along. (This piece is the exception not the rule). This gives the lie to the idea that we live in a free society where individual liberty can only be restricted by democratically made laws. Power-mongers in government and local authority are continually trying to overstep the mark. The epidemic is a godsend for them.