The New Observer ADHD ADHD criticised from a natural health perspective

ADHD criticised from a natural health perspective


This is a blog post criticising ADHD from the perspective of a natural diet. It is a little bit weighted towards the idea that inattention and hyperactivity are related to diet. This is the case in some cases. The NICE ADHD Guide reports on this and admits there to be a link between diet and “ADHD”. [1] However in reality diet is just one of multiple factors which can be shown to be correlated to an ADHD label.

Still – the post is good on showing how the pharmaceutical industry pushes ADHD. Pharmaceutical companies sponsor parents “support” groups, fund professional organisations, pay for studies and produce “educational” web sites as part of their marketing drive. Not surprising really considering the total global market for “ADHD drugs” may be worth USD 2.4 billion. [2]


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