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Drag queen events at public expense

I am not even sure I know what a Drag Queen Story telling event for children is. This is a report about one. [1] My first thought is if there is a “cost of living crisis” (itself an interesting propagandist narrative phrase) shouldn’t local authorities be spending money on something tangible – like food?

Another point I noticed here was the Council statement,. According to the Daily Mail [1] the Council said, “The performer has provided four years’ worth of DBS (disclosure and barring service) history, has completed a risk assessment in relation to their performance and has insurance in place.”.

This is odd. A DBS covers all of a person’s criminal records since becoming an adult, as well as information about any records on the Department of Education’s barring lists and, in the case of an enhanced check, (which was probably obtained in this case), relevant police intelligence. There is no such thing as “4 years worth”. This is a typical local authority statement, showing a lack of understanding of the systems they administer. The point, of course, is to make it sound weighty. “Four years” is presumably safer than “three years” and so on. Possibly the “performer” provided some previous DBS checks he has had done going back 4 years? There would be no rational reason to do that since the most recent would cover all the previous ones. The only reason to do that would be to try to bamboozle people into thinking he is “super-safe”. But, I am speculating.

I generally avoid commenting on this kind of material. I guess I just look the other way. Basically, I don’t want to know. But it is really quite odd to see public money being spent on “gay men” dressed as women reading stories to small children about lesbian hedgehogs (assuming the “performer” is reading from his own books) at public expense. (A sub-story here is that the “performer” once joked in public about how the point of his books is to “turn children gay”; which seems to rather let the cat out of the bag. Though, in general, I think the purpose is more sinister; it is to sow confusion and break down any sense of normality).

Why would council officers at Brecon Town Council think this is a good idea? What social purpose is being fulfilled here? Why, to be blunt, is the local authority waging war on the population by trying to destroy children’s minds? Who benefits by breaking down all conventional morality and sowing cultural moral uncertainty and chaos?