The New Observer Media Comment Good article in the Guardian!

Good article in the Guardian!

Yes. It does happen! This article by columnist Marina Hyde makes the essential point – the shower of fools in No. 10 were negligent – they did nothing for crucial weeks in February but, nonetheless will almost certainly get away with it.

I made the following comment on the article:

Yes. All good points. And, as the author says, quite likely, there will be no serious accounting for any of this. I don’t know if it is just me but I read the £60,000 pay-off (

of public money) to families of health workers who have died from covid-19 as forestalling a class action for manslaughter. (In the same way that the bank bungs you £40.00 when they make a mistake so you can’t sue them).

This is about the 60K pay-off the the government is trying to thrust on families of bereaved Health Workers.

Some dolt who uses a fake screen name ‘michael4321’ (who seems to support the Tory party) then made the following reply:

60 grand was not a pay off and there was no law to make them do it, even the victims families said it was a nice gesture, to say manslaughter is more a question you should ask to the far east.

This is an exercise in how you can say 3 stupid things in one sentence (leaving aside the spelling mistakes). 1) There is no law of course. That doesn’t make it a nice gesture. It isn’t their money. Dolt. They are trying to prevent a legal suit. 2) Some of the “victims families” [sic]  said it was nice. Maybe; but certainly some were less than impressed . 3) Manslaughter charges cannot be brought in a UK court against China so this is a pointless and stupid remark. What a total idiot “michael4321” makes of himself in one short misspelt sentence.