The New Observer Media Comment It depends who is carrying the gun

It depends who is carrying the gun

I thought this is an interesting example of extreme US liberal media bias. Exhibit 1 – a Guardian story about a man who has been convicted of killing a “Black Lives Matter” protestor. The latter, that is the person who was participating in the “Black Lives Matter” protest, was armed with an AK47.

“Foster was legally carrying an AK-47 rifle as he participated in a demonstration against police killings and racial injustice..”

Exhibit 2 – a Guardian story about a man who carried a rifle to a demonstration and shot a “Black Lives Matters” protestor with his automatic rifle. In this case the automatic rifle was carried by someone who was part of a group who thought at least that they were protecting property.

“Rittenhouse was 17 years old when he traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, from his home in Illinois, armed with an assault-style rifle, in August 2020… Rittenhouse joined other armed men acting as a self-described militia and roamed the city”

It seems if you are “Black Lives Matter” protestor and carrying an AK47 at a demonstration you are “legally carrying a rifle” and “participating in a demonstration”. But if you are protecting property you are “armed with a rifle” and “roaming” the city.

(For the record – I think it is pretty stupid to take a weapon to a protest in any capacity; I am just talking about the very different presentations in the media).