Media balance

This is Sky news giving Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouti a chance to speak. My primary concern, on this site, is with the media. (The medium). Obviously, I understand that at such a time people in Israel might find it hard to swallow that a Palestinian leader is being given time to explain the Hamas operation. But, I remain of the view that the media has the potential to play a role in ending conflicts and it can do this by “impartially” reporting the views of all sides in a conflict. This way people understand that conflicts are often complex and both sides may have some “right” on their side. This fact of this clip also confirms my view that “biased” as Western media are they are not completely subjugated to the political directive of the “deep state” or anything like that.

But, yes, while I am not expert on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict I do think there are some valid points here. You cannot suppress a people indefinitely, continue with settlements (illegal under International Law), shut off meaningful negotiations, and think that there will not be a reaction. (Which is not to say I agree with the strategy or politics of Hamas).