Propaganda about Navalny

This is an article in the Guardian by Luke Harding about the Navalny poisoning. Harding appears to be someone who is used by MI5 to leak their ‘truths’ into the media – i.e. to run operations to control and manage public opinion. Harding appears to me to be a little bit mentally unbalanced – (he has a philosophy of ‘joining the dots’ when he reports on Russia which means that he leaps to the most outlandish conclusions because they ‘must’ be true – those who can’t see the conclusions are true are just not ‘joining the dots’) – and this use of him to carry stories for the intelligence services seems to me rather sad.

The main idea of the article is that British intelligence has concluded that Putin poisoned Navalny in order to “send him an unambiguous warning and force him into exile”. The reasoning is that he was under surveillance of the FSB when he fell ill and so the FSB must have done it.

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False news becoming routine in the liberal press

This is a story in the Guardian contributed by the US media network Associated Press. It is troubling that the kind of inaccurate (in fact fully misleading) reporting which one expects from the Guardian itself is now becoming normalised in agency reports as well.

The story is about Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Amy Barrett is going through a process whereby politicians get to quiz her on her views. The topic in question here is climate change.

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BBC Newsround – doing its bit for capitalism

While looking for material to use in an EFL classroom I found myself looking at the YouTube channel of the state-funded BBC’s news programme aimed at young viewers.

There are 48 videos on the home page of the channel. Here are the stats:

Videos about black lives matter, ‘black inequality in the UK’ and other ethnic issues: 9 *

Videos about mental health/illness: 2

Videos about the environment: 5

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