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Putin to invade Poland?

To surrender to bullies, to bow to dictators, is simply unthinkable,” Biden said. “If we do, Ukraine will be subjugated and it will not end there, Ukraine’s neighbours will be threatened, all of Europe will be threatened.

That is President Biden at the Normandy commemorations.

Rishi Sunak has promised the UK’s largest ever military support package for Ukraine as he warned that Vladimir Putin would “not stop at the Polish border” if Russia won the war.

This is UK Prime Minister Sunak from April 2024.

Here – the expert Jim Townsend, also promotes the same idea. We’d better tool up because after Ukraine there will be “further aggressions” from Russia.

This is Jim Townsend, a former Deputy Secretary of Defence to Russia. There are any number of people from the think-tank world who are now selling this idea that after Ukraine Russia will attack Poland – and so we had better get involved in Ukraine so Ukraine doesn’t lose.

The proposition that Russia will attack Poland is not serious. Russia is not a match for NATO in conventional terms. And, any attack on a NATO country would raise the spectre of mutual nuclear annihilation. Putin is not irrational. It looks to me like this is a coordinated campaign by the think tank world to pump up Western spending on arms. This is a lobby group acting in their self-interest. The think tanks from which Western media draw their experts are very frequently linked to NATO or NATO militaries. For example; the second speaker here, Michael Clarke, was formerly a director of RUSI (Royal United Services Institute). The recent funding list of this organisation includes the State Department, the British Army, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin! [1]

There is a second reason for this campaign, which is about manipulation of the narrative. The actual reason that Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine was because they perceived that Ukraine was drawing closer to NATO and was already receiving substantial arms from the US. This was seen as a strategic threat in Moscow. This reason is rarely discussed or even mentioned in the Western discourse. The organised campaign to promote the “Putin will invade Poland” story is designed to blanket out any discussion of Russia’s legitimate concerns. It is an information operation the purpose of which is to present Russia as the aggressor. They don’t want to discuss this question of Russia’s legitimate concerns or why it was so necessary to push Ukraine into NATO (despite this not being very popular in Ukraine), because they will, correctly, be seen as the instigators of this conflict and people will understand that, in the main, Russia is acting defensively.