It is true because someone in power said it. (Someone in my tribe)

It is a characteristic of the Western media that they report anything which London or Washington or Paris comes up with as the gospel truth. Is is true because it was said by a government spokesmen. This is the extent of truth-testing most ‘journalists’ engage in.

At the same time briefings by the Kremlin or the Russian Ministry of Defense, for example, are treated with the utmost caution. An example of the latter; the

Emotional everything

First there was psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy prioritises the emotions. It teaches that the correct response to everything is an emotional response. Any other response is invalid. If you don’t respond to everything emotionally there is something wrong with you and you need treatment. In real life emotions have their place. But we don’t need to respond to every detail with an unrestrained emotional response. Prioritising emotions actually trivialises real emotions. It is anti-emotional.

After psychotherapy there was <a title="A review of