More mad propaganda in the Guardian about the Russian vaccine

This is some kind of crazy article in the Guardian by an epidemiologist called Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz.

It is wrong both clinically – on what the purpose of Phase 3 trials is and in terms of the information it presents about Russia. One can only assume that it passed editorial because it meets the Guardian’s key criteria of being anti-Russia.

This article is astonishingly badly informed. The author claims that only Phase 3 trials check efficacy of a vaccine:

Phase two trials go bigger, with a few hundred people, and usually compare the vaccine against a control to a) make sure that it is triggering an immune response and b) see if there are serious side-effects that the phase one trial missed. Phase three trials are the biggest pre-licensure studies, and they test whether the vaccine actually works – they randomly allocate people into two groups, vaccine versus control, and follow them over months to see if the people who received the vaccine get infected less than people who get the control

This is not true. Phase 2 trials do indeed confirm that a vaccine works. Listen to all the comments from the Jenner Institute in Oxford about their Phase 2 trials to confirm this. The point of Phase 3 trials is in the words of one US government source I checked are to “confirm and expand” on the results of Phase 2). (e.g. check for edge case adverse events). So yes – Phase 2 trials do establish efficacy (it ‘works’). Phase 3 trials are indeed necessary but not for the reasons given by the author i.e that the vaccine “actually works” (a attempt to use an unscientific term to generate smoke). Continue reading “More mad propaganda in the Guardian about the Russian vaccine”

Guardian propaganda on Russia tracked 100

Nothing systematic about this but when I notice it I record it. Someone has to.

This is from an article in today’s Guardian about the elections in Belarus:

“I warned that there wouldn’t be a maidan, however much some people want that,” Lukashenko said on Monday, referring to a popular uprising in Ukraine that toppled a pro-Kremlin leader in 2014. “People need to settle down, calm down,” he said.

Of course this phrase “pro-Kremlin leader” is part of the systematic propaganda by the Guardian on behalf of NATO and corporate finance to seize Ukraine in its entirety. Seize it not just from Russia but from the millions of people who live there but who don’t want to live under Western control. People who are supposed by these democrats (such as Andrew Roth whose name appears on the byline for this article) to simply evaporate themselves out of sight (of the democrats that is). Continue reading “Guardian propaganda on Russia tracked 100”

Guardian scrapes new depths with its anti-Russia propaganda

The Guardian stoops to new lows in the anti-Russia propaganda campaign. This is a shameless piece; a [see update below – the link on which this post is based has been removed] page of photographs of “stamps” – in fact propaganda media – put out by Ukranian exiles during the Soviet period.

This is the explanatory text:

Ukrainian photographer Oleksandr Kosmach collects 20th-century stamps issued by Ukrainian groups in exile during the Soviet era.

Artists and exiles around the world would use stamps to communicate the horrors of Soviet oppression. “These stamps show us the ideas and values of these people, who they really were and what they were fighting for,” Kosmach says

Some of the “stamps” refer to the famine in Ukraine which took place in the early 1930s. One refers to it as “artificially created”. However; responsible historians consider that, at worst, this famine – which also affected other grain-growing areas of the USSR – was not tackled as effectively as it might have been by Stalin. Continue reading “Guardian scrapes new depths with its anti-Russia propaganda”

Guardian lies on Russia

There are two Guardian “journalists” stationed in Moscow (as far as I can see).

Neither of them can, it seems, open their mouths without telling lies. Not little spins or fibs to help the “Putin is a bad man and Russia is a dictatorship” fairytale along – but outright lies. Continue reading “Guardian lies on Russia”