Bombing Syria was good business

In the recent aggression against Syria Britain used Storm Shadow missiles.

BAE is one of the producers of Storm Shadows.

What has the illegal UK aggression done for BAE’s share price?

On 13th April – when the bombing took place – it was 594 GBX. Today (17th) it is 601.40 – and climbing.

The idea that these obvious rewards do not create a driver for war is an example of the wilful naivety which the corporate and political “elites” in the “free world” cloak themselves in.


“We need a new government in xxx”

David Cameron explaining how he personally saved thousands of asylum seekers:

That’s why I sent the Royal Navy to the Mediterranean and saved thousands of lives. That’s why Britain meets our commitment of 0.7 percent of our economy spent on aid, much of which goes to North Africa, goes to the Middle East to help those countries [1]

And explaining that Libya needs a new government:

But, as I also said yesterday, there isn’t a solution to this problem that is simply about taking people. We need a comprehensive solution; a new government in Libya, we need to deal with the problems in Syria. [1]

But – I thought this line about “we need a new government in Libya” was the one they used before they toppled (and butchered) their erstwhile ally Gaddafi? And – wasn’t it Gaddafi who warned that getting rid of him would cause a flood of people to cross the Mediterranean? Which turned out to be a correct prediction.

How many times will they try this “new government” solution until they finally admit what is blindingly obvious for everyone else to see – that it causes civil breakdown and chaos?

One reason why this keeps happening is that US arms companies