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The ‘excuses’

Not surprisingly perhaps – conscious as they must be that they will be lucky to escape criminal charges – the government has started to devote as much time to managing the cover-up and defence case as to ‘managing’ the epidemic. These are the key lines in the defence which we can expect to see more of in the coming days:

  1. It is all China’s fault. (This isn’t much of a legal defence but it will help with the PR side of things).
  2. The virus kept changing and we were playing catch-up. We constantly updated the protocols in response to new scientific evidence about the virus.
  3. The scientists gave us bad advice. (This one leaves people like the Chief Medical Officer for England, who is a paid government staff member, out on a limb).
  4. International comparisons cannot be made. (At least until 5 years in the future when I am out of office and out of range of prosecution).
  5. There are too many providers in the care home market. (This from the party which extols the free-market!).

I’ll update this page as new lines in the defence story become apparent.


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