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The lies behind lockdown 2

Lockdown 2 was justified on the basis of projections of 4000 deaths a day. We were told that Covid was out of control and only a lockdown would stop it.

Thanks to some excellent journalism (in fact on the Telegraph) it turns out that this was, in effect, fake news. The 4000 a day model was wrong. The same model would have predicted 1000 deaths a day currently but in fact there are 260. The government is refusing to release the background data to the graphs – which should give anyone who still believes we live in a ‘democracy’ food for thought. [1] The local lockdowns were in fact beginning to work. [2]

Meanwhile a senior member of the government is simply telling completely barefaced lies:

Speaking in parliament, [Penny] Mordaunt said the government was “hopeful of being able to unlock in December but they are being driven by the data”. She said cases would inevitably rise after restrictions are lifted, and a high proportion of the population will remain vulnerable to the virus. That is why some scientists expect a third or more waves of the virus to be managed [with] repeat lockdowns. Others argue that the need for future lockdowns is evidence they don’t work but that’s to misunderstand what they are there to do,” she said.

However; when the first lockdown was introduced it was explained on the basis that what was needed was a lockdown to get the numbers down to a level at which testing and tracing could work. [3] That there were local lockdowns – and now a national lockdown (which is probably not needed) – is because the £12 billion Test and Trace system failed to do its job. This appears to an attempt to float an entirely new idea – that the first lockdown was not in fact aimed to get numbers down so Test and Trace could take over. (Notice also the implicit admission here that there can be different scientific views – “we are following the science” seems to have bitten the dust).

Here is another one lying their heads off. This is the head of the “NHS” (actually an orgy of profiteering by private companies) Test and Trace system trying to fake concern:

Every country is grappling with the same problem. Despite everyone’s best efforts and all of the work of our team in NHS Test and Trace to be the second line of defence, the virus is spreading too rapidly and too widely”.

No. What we were very clearly told was that Test and Trace would, after lockdown, be the first line of defence.

It appears that they are consciously and deliberately re-writing history.

Another reason (other than the fake charts) for the new lockdown given by the government and its politicised “scientists” is that hospitals will overflow if cases are not controlled. (Interestingly; no one argues that it matters that people die – what matters is that the public does not see images of overflowing hospitals on TV). To this we can ask why they have not used the last 6 months to build more “Nightingale hospitals”? China can build such facilities in a matter of days. The costs would be a drop in the ocean compared to the money being leached away in various furlough schemes.

It seems that at this point we can really start in all seriousness questioning whether the government actually wants to control/reduce the epidemic – or whether perhaps it actually suits them in various ways. Their actions and inactions have made the epidemic far, far, worse than it need have been. (Delaying the initial lockdown, letting thousands of people bring the virus back from France and Italy in February and March, seeding it into care homes, bungling testing; taken together these steps have cost tens of thousands of completely avoidable deaths). And why this second, apparently unnecessary, lockdown? Has the power gone to their heads – and destroying the livelihoods of millions of people is too big a thrill to pass up? Remember the first plan was to let the virus rip (but secretly, without telling anyone) – which certainly would have killed a lot of people.

Does someone in Downing Street get off on destroying the lives of millions?