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The state of England

At the start of the current epidemic The Department of Health and “Social Care” released untested Covid-19 patients into care homes long after it was well-known that Covid-19 transmits asymptomatically. This resulted in thousands of “totally avoidable” deaths in an event described by Amnesty International as a “scandal of monumental proportions”. The summary of their report makes distressing reading. The facts are basically indisputable.

Old people in care homes were sacrificed to “Protect the NHS”. A political goal.

I have not seen a single MP making a fuss about this. There is a Parliamentary Inquiry into the government’s response to the pandemic which plods along. But I simply haven’t see any MP making a fuss about 18,000 + “totally avoidable” deaths of elderly people in care homes.

Contrast this with this story in today’s Guardian. A peer, in the House of Lords, put out a “tweet” in which he referred to the new Vice-President Elect of America as “The Indian”. Most likely he forgot her name and couldn’t be bothered to look it up. Maybe it is a bit offensive. And if you really want to probe it probably it reflects a slightly racist attitude. But no one has died. It is a Tweet. It will be forgotten in a few days and the mob will get outraged about the next offensive Tweet. But MPs and members of the House of Lords are complaining bitterly and demanding an apology and a retraction. Phrases such as “utterly unacceptable”, “no place in British society” and “I am so angry about this comment” abound.

I wish that at least some MPs and members of the House of Lords found the “totally avoidable” deaths of 18,000 old people in ‘Care Homes’ which resulted from a government decision “utterly unacceptable”. But it seems they don’t. They are too busy scanning Twitter for the next comment to get offended about.

I give you “British society”.