The New Observer Uncategorized The UK is stealthily becoming a monarchy.

The UK is stealthily becoming a monarchy.

I have been surprised by the volume of gushing celebrity style stories about the Royals, especially William and Kate, which I regularly see in the progressive-liberal press. This looks like a concerted PR campaign. I would have thought that unearned privilege would not be something that liberals lapped up, but apparently they are happy to do the PR for this couple

More alarming though is another tendency I have noticed. In this discourse Prince Charles is given the status of a political leader of the country. For clarity, the reigning monarch is strictly a figure head with a ceremonial role. But, it looks like some force is trying to change this. This is from a Guardian story about how when President Biden visits the UK this week he will meet the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Prince Charles. This is reported thusly:

Biden will meet the king at Windsor Castle for the first time since Charles’s coronation, where they are expected to discuss the climate crisis, an issue that has been a focus for both leaders, and how to finance initiatives to address the problem

This puts King Charles on a par with the elected leader of the US.

I have seen other examples of the same pattern. King Charles is being promoted as some kind of a world leader, and, importantly there is no distinction between elected leaders and Charles.

I would love to know who is behind this. Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but this is not just an accident.