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The US is becoming like North Korea

Is it just me who is noticing this trend? I am speaking about how progressive liberals in the US are becoming increasingly cult-like. They are trying to build a world where there is one truth, the official (democrat) narrative. Where the government imposes mask and vaccine mandates. Where deviation from the official ideology will lead to career cancellation and exile from social and public life. It is really happening. (In passing, this is why, despite thinking he is a bit brutal I support Trump. Only Trump stands against this).

1. Here is one example. I’ll add some as I come across them.

In a Guardian article about the Jean E. Carroll suit.

Jury selection began with Kaplan asking the group of prospective panelists questions intended to identify possible biases; at several points during this questioning, Trump turned around to look at potential jurors. Among these questions: did anyone think the 2020 election had been stolen?

Two answered in the affirmative. One of the election-deniers later revealed she was not vaccinated against Covid-19.

Notice how holding a political belief/view that an election has been “stolen” means you can be assigned, in public, to a special category of heretics and oddities – “election-deniers”. (A device which simultaneously tries to make it axiomatically true that that election was “not stolen”). In reality, of course, there is a valid basis for claiming the election was “stolen”, which is a term of political discourse which has somewhat imprecise but evocative meanings, namely the increase in postal voting, which favours the Democrats. The second point, I quite like. How the “journalist”, (really these people are sort of cult-ideology managers, not journalists), then reports how one of the election-deniers also “revealed” (not said) that she was not vaccinated. For this “journalist” that is automatic confirmation of strange deviancy. (No matter that there are plenty of scientifically informed reasons not to be vaccinated against Covid-19).

This is just a little taste. But, look around; this is where we are heading. It is a cult. Do you want that?