The New Observer UK Politics What could be worse than profiting from Covid-19?

What could be worse than profiting from Covid-19?

Please read these two articles. It is all you need to understand what has happened here and (in case you hadn’t already realised it) that the current government and some of its advisers are possibly the most venial and cynical set of people one could ever have imagined would have made their way to the “top” of British society.

Craig Murray

The Good Law project (expand the Tweet)

A large part of the mask order is not fit for purpose and, according to the Good Law project (good for them), does not meet the government requirements (they say those that they believe were in place when the contract was issued).

If the masks worked this would simply be an example of cronyism and profiteering out of a major health crisis. But the masks don’t work. So; this is worse.

My only criticism of the reporting is the idea from Craig Murray that this is “Tory corruption”. Corruption is not limited to the Conservative party. Plenty of Labour government ministers join the gravy train too.