The New Observer Uncategorized What does it take to “defend democracy”? Answer: 17 years for criminal trespass

What does it take to “defend democracy”? Answer: 17 years for criminal trespass

So, Joseph Biggs, a “Proud Boys” leader has got 17 years for “seditious conspiracy”. There was a terrorism enhancement to the sentence because he pulled down a fence when he “breached” the Capitol on January 6 2022.

I have looked at multiple reports from UK and US media. Entirely absent is any information about the case against Joseph Biggs. Why? Could it be because it would be an embarrassment?

What I can glean is that he planned something with other Proud Boy leaders and on the day he entered the Capitol building, pulling down a fence. He was acquitted of the actual charge of assaulting a police office.

Another interesting aspect of this case is this: “Like several other Proud Boys, Biggs was in contact with federal agents in advance of Jan. 6 but only provided information about the group’s enemies on the left, according to court records.” At least one of them was on pretty chatty terms with his FBI handler. Leaving aside the obvious suspicion of collusion there is another pertinent question here; if multiple Proud Boys were “in contact with federal agents” and if the case against them relies on messages between them why did the FBI did not anticipate this riot (sorry, insurrection)? Or, did they? Either way; it is pretty odd.

So – 17 years for planning a rally which got out of hand (at worst planning criminal trespass in advance) and pulling down a fence. The vengeance of the democratic system seems excessive. It looks like all this is part of a huge hysterical narrative about an “attempt to seize power”. The monster is offended.