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Wuhan shadow project?

I don’t know about all this but the Times is a credible journalistic outlet. It isn’t at all beyond the realms of possibility that the Chinese military would have been interested in the kind of research being conducted at the Wuhan lab. Though I think that the idea of a bio-weapon is a bit far-fetched. It certainly would not be as deniable as the authors suggest. If your population had to be vaccinated first and somehow no one in your country got ill it would be pretty obvious that you were the source of the virus.

Still it is a good run through of some of the main issues – serial passage and the furin cleavage site. (There is some discussion about the existence of a furin cleavage site in a Sars Cov viruses – it seems, as far as I can tell, to depend on how widely you spread the net – perhaps it exists not in close relatives but in distant cousins).

The women journalist with her breathless voiceover and lack of basic scientific knowledge does not add to the video.