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Protest against the latest fiasco in the privatised rail industry

On Thursday of this week campaign group We Own It staged an action at King’s Cross station in London. The aim of the action was to draw attention to the costs to the public of subsidising the private companies who operate Britain’s rail services. In this case the operators of the East coast rail franchise […]


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Review: The Therapy Industry – Paul Maloney

This is a review of Paul Maloney’s book criticising the Therapy Industry. Maloney is a practising clinical psychologist. His criticisms of therapy are those of someone who is engaged in clinical practice in the NHS. This grounding makes for a different kind of criticism than the kind based on cultural analysis, for example, that of […]


Towards the Horizon – Emil Gataullin

This is a book of the photographs of Russian photographer Emil Gataullin. Emil Gataullin came to public attention after he won the Alfred Fried Awards competition in 2014 with a photograph of two boys upside down on a swing. This photograph is included in the book. Emil¬†Gataullin is based in Moscow where he works as […]


Officious – Josie Appleton

For several years Appleton has been documenting the ever-increasing reach of petty bureaucracy in the UK. She has focussed on several areas including: ‘Safeguarding’ and the notorious ‘Criminal Records Checks’ (now re-branded as ‘DBS’ checks), excesses of local authority litter enforcement officers, the introduction of ‘Public Space Protection Orders’, controls on photography, and many other […]


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The horror the horror

The depths of the betrayal which psychotherapists are engaged in is beyond what a normal person can even conceive of. To present yourself as being an expert in human affairs when you are nothing of the kind. To say that you care deeply about every client/patient when, in reality, you couldn’t give too hoots and […]


Why this fiction about “Russian aggression”?

Russia annexed Crimea following a Western backed coup in Ukraine. The coup overturned a democratically elected government which was strongly supported in the East of Ukraine. 80%, or more, of the population of Crimea wanted and still want, according to polling by Western polling organisations, to be part of Russia. Russia may be offering some […]


Some thoughts about democratic education

The possibilities for democratic education, an interview with Professor John Schostak, Manchester Metropolitan University. John Schostak, Professor in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, interviewed about the possibilities of Democratic Education, September 2010. The interview took place in the context of a meeting of the campaign group ‘In Defence of Youth Work’. For some background reading, […]

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