This site is closing on 3 July 2018

I (the editor) have found that I don’t have time to maintain this site or to write the sort of in-depth feature articles I would like to write. In addition due to a change of career I can no longer support the costs involved in running this site.


If you would like to save any of the content from this site please feel feel to download it before then.

From 3 July I will be maintaining a slimmed down version of this site here: Please bear with me while I take time to get this new site up and running.



Also – here are a few sites which are regularly maintained and which you might be interested in:

Craig Murray – former Ambassador and critic of the current political establishment 

In Defence of Youth Work – site is chiefly about the state of youth work (under attack from proponents of the pure market economy like never before) – but often publishes thoughtful and timely articles about neoliberalism in general.

We Own It – timely and necessary campaign to bring the public utilities back into public ownership


The editor

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